6 Ways To Promote Your OnlyFans Page


While Onlyfans has taken the internet by storm in the past few years, many new content creators are finding that succeeding is about more than just posting content. Being attractive and having great nudes simply isn’t enough. In order to have a successful account, you need to be able to know how to promote your onlyfans page and market it to potential customers. In business terms, some might say that even if you have good content, you still need to focus on customer acquisition and distribution.

As you might already suspect, social media is one of the best ways to bring attention to your Onlyfans (or premium Snapchat or Fanhouse, or whatever service you use

As of now, there are about 1 million creators on OnlyFans! While the top 5% earn more than $1500 monthly, more than 50% of the creators struggle to cross the $10/month mark! Now you would think the competition is fierce but when you come to think of the ratio of active users and active subscribers, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief.

So what exactly creates this unusual rift? Lack of proper marketing skills I’d say.

Being a top 3% seller on OnlyFans, I think I’m quite capable of guiding you through this process. Here, in this article, I’ve given you the six golden tips which you must follow if you want to escape the herd and make a mark for yourself.

Since account creation is simple and easy, making money on this platform can be tough for new content creators. You have to plan various things before jumping into this. First of all, you have to make a plan for the promotion of your fan page, i.e., where you will be posting the promotional content and how you will draw the visitors to become your followers and then your Onlyfans subscribers.

What type of content is famous on Onlyfans?

On Onlyfans, a content creator can post content in any niche, but the most popular content on the platform is surely the adult content. You can get all types of content, i.e., sports, beauty, health, and much more. But the most consumed and liked content is adult content. Onlyfans is 98% adult content and also if you want to be a creator, you should find a category where you can fit it like sharing your nudes, having sex with your partner, or brainstorming any idea you have.

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I possibly can’t emphasise how incredible this platform is, primarily due to its tolerant attitude towards sex workers or adult entertainers. I highly recommend to be regular on Twitter, repost content of similar genres and get into the repost circuits to increase your exposure. You can even link your OnlyFans to Twitter to automatically tweet your profile whenever you post something on OnlyFans. It is better to use a different account unless you want your friends and relatives to know about your alter ego!


Yet another platform which is very supportive of the adult industry is Reddit. Here, unlike other platforms, you’ll find the “educated and well-read” breed of simps! And guess what? Experience says this audience is well equipped with green bundles, so don’t let go of this opportunity and market yourself in any way you can. Try not to post repetitive posts or spam the “OnlyFans Promos” subs as they tend to get 30+ posts every odd minute. I’d suggest you try to pull in the audience through exclusive or niche adult subs

SubReddits to try





Download this indispensable app and search up for 5-8 SFS groups. Join them and give yourself the shoutout which you need, especially in the initial days.


Occasionally give away promotional offers like discounts or even short term free trials. This way, people will get to know your profile before investing in you instead of just skipping it away. You can further set up two accounts; one paid and one free. The free one would feature censored nudes and tease the followers into subscribing to the paid profile!

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Most creators don’t get the initial boost because they tend to overvalue themselves and keep their prices high. I prefer to keep the fee low at $6-10/month and instead charge through PPV (pay-per-view). PPV is a messaging system where you post or DM your content and people pay a small fee to see just that. Going by simple maths, you’ll see this is a far more effective method than the one where the subscription fee is high. For instance, let’s say you’ve 30 followers for $5/month and you send them PPV for $3 every week. So at the end of the month, you take away $510! This is better than having 30 followers for even $15/month!

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Finally, one of the best ways to gain more reach is to collaborate with other known creators. This way, other’s followers would get to know about you and end up subscribing and buying your content.
You can even give out monthly SFS to other creators to gain exposure to their followers.

One must remember that OnlyFans can be a life-changer if used to its full potential. And to unleash this potential, you’ve to market yourself in whatever way you can. If you have a youtube page, boost your profile through an intro video. If you’re an Instagram influencer, let your followers know what you’re up to. These followers add up to create a steady flow of hefty income into your account.

the only difference is that you are the product that you are selling. the sooner you understand that you are the commodity, the better you’ll do online.


As you have read, learning how to promote your onlyfans is not hard as it seemed. it just requires good planning and understanding of the platform.

it is more than just posting your onlyfans link everywhere and giving away an onlyfans promotion to lure subscribers. Planning makes perfect and well placed onlyfans links will have much more impact than hundreds in the wrong place/platform.

Work smart, take your time, and you will surely be rewarded!

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